Once upon a time in Finland

Once upon a time in Finland there was a Prime Minister who promised his own house to the refugee from all over the world. Soon the promise reached Near East and it’s Muslim inhabitants and so the massive immigration to Finland begun.

To be honest the immigration was part of the ongoing onslaught in to the Europe. Sweden, which is a neighboring country to Finland, got so filled with asylum seekers that Sweden decided to break the Dublin treaty and dumped some 35000 refugees into Finland. An act which was not totally surprising to the PM and Finnish government.

Finnish citizens, humble and hard working people, who just like to be left alone to about their business, gathered almost thousand protesters to anti-immigration rally in border town of Tornio. Protesters demanded stop to this immigration because it was clear from the start that the intentions of asylum seekers was more than meet the eye. In Finnish opinion poll almost 90% answered that they wan’t less immigration.

But to no avail. Finnish government decided to build country full of asylum centers, channeled tax payer money to them and hoped for the best. Any politician or citizen criticizing these events were labeled racists and some were even prosecuted.

(The author was under police investigation for spreading hatred towards Muslims by linking an article to Facebook)

Now two years have passed from that mass immigration and things have gone from bad to worse.

For instance there has been an sharp increase in crime rates, especially sexual assault and rapes, in two years period. From January 2015 to June 2015 there was 486 reported rapes in Finland. In 2017 in the same period there was 625 reported rapes. Chief amount was committed by Finnish citizens of course but the percentage of foreign perpetrators has been increasing. In two years there has been 68% increase in already high numbers.


1. column total amount, 2. column cases where perp has been identified, 3. column Finnish citizes, 4. column foreign

These records, and others like it, are usually disregarded in political debate. Even Finnish police authorities tries to cover these up from time to time.

Terrorist attack

In August 2017 Finland had its first terrorist attack. There have been two school shootings before but those weren’t categorized as a terrorist attack. So Finland has been quite peaceful nation so far.

The attack was conducted by Moroccan born emigrant who came as a asylum seeker to the country. Before arriving Finland he has been living in Germany and possibly Spain. European Union’s Dublin treaty demands that the first EU country asylum seeker arrives must handle refugee application and take actions considering the outcome of the application. So obviously authorities has been breaking the treaty.

The attack, which was conducted using by knives in Turku, Finland, left two dead and several other hospitalized. Attack was focused mainly on women. By eyewitness the attacker has been shouting ”Allahu akbar” while charging. Attacker was seen praying in Mosque before the attack.

Attacker was shot down by the police and brought to a hospital. After hospital period attacker has been lock up in police jail for interrogation. Police has found so far that the attacker had some dealings with the ISIS.

Above mentioned are all true and pure facts. Rest of the article is more or less my views and opinions on the matter of Finnish immigration.

Media and police response to the attack

Media response to problems arising from immigration has been usually total silence or belittling the problem. Some pure fake news has been also seen from time to time.

Previously media response has been well coordinated. Every media has told the same story which has usually been copy pasted from one or two news source. But in this case media response started to show dispersion. One might think that it is very hard to cover up this kind of attack, especially first in kind in Finland, but it seems that the media nonetheless tried, at least at first.

First response was that this was just another wacko wielding the knife in the middle of the street. Just an insulated case which arose from desperation and mental health issues. Even the police informed that they are investigating aggravated assault and nothing indicates terrorist attack, at first.

But then one media published one eyewitness’ interview where the eyewitness said that the attacker yelled ”Allahu akbar” while running towards her. The genie was out of the bottle and it couldn’t be put back in anymore.

Quickly after this police informed that they are investigating terrorist attack, and especially Islamic terrorist attack.

After this media had no choice but to broadcast things as they happened, although they tried to tone things down a bit calling the perpetrator as ”attacker” and not as ”terrorist”.

But media had Plan B in store. Quickly they published (at least) two articles. First was an article about ”foreign who helped the victim when Finnish people just took pictures at the site” and second was Center Party’s member Abdirahim Hussein’s fake story about ”Finnish people who attacked an immigrant for a payback”.

Story about the foreigner who helped the victim raised a lot of questions. In some pictures and videos it seems that he didn’t actually help the victims. These pictures spread through the Finnish alternate media. I don’t know if the story about philanthropic foreigner is true or not but the other side of the story, the Finnish people just photographing themselves at the scene, was not true at all.

Even worse story was the Finnish people allegedly attacking foreign person, a Somali if I recall correctly (Hussein is also Somali), is totally untrue. Hussein claimed that the attack took place in one particular place in Espoo, Finland and the victim was carried to EA. There was no such attack in the said place, which was conformed by the police, and no one was carried to EA that night. Nevertheless Finnish news adopted this story quickly.

This just shows how low Finnish media can go demeaning Finnish people while glorifying immigrants.

Finnish government and politicians response to the attack

Our current Prime Minister is the same who submitted the now infamous offer to grant his own house to the immigrants in 2015. His, and his whole cabins, response to the attack has been quite peculiar.

The response went the same way as media’s. At first this was just insulated case with no signs of terrorism. Then there was terrorism but it had nothing to do with Islam. Then there was demands for patience and now there’s demands that we should just forget about it.

But for a brief time government started to panic. Public pressure was too hard for everyone in the cabin to handle. Some ministers started to talk about law changes and locked-up immigrant centers for those who had their asylum application rejected. Currently they can go free even if they have been told to leave the country.

But quickly these talks was subdued by the PM.

To add insult to injury the PM called every parliament party’s chairman to attend secret meeting at his residence. In three hour meeting they came up with a signed declaration where they strongly condemned terrorism, violence and hate-speech. The hate-speech part seemed to consist any hate-speech but quickly it was noticed that it only considered alleged hate-speech from Finnish majority towards minorities.

The current situation is that police investigation is ongoing, political debate has been all but silenced and the wide audience is threatened with criminal investigation if they criticize immigration ”too strongly”.

Far-left response

The Finnish far-left has been quite consistent in their approach to immigration debate. To them there is only one truth: immigration is richness and resources (rikkautta ja voimavaraa in Finnish).

Far-left activist has been busy on chat forums. They’ve been following a direct and rather powerful practice of belittling and demonizing everyone criticizing the matter. They have organized rallies in favor of immigration and immigrants and even organized a counter rally for rally opposing terrorism.

There was counter terrorism rally in Helsinki, Finland after the terrorist attack. Protesters demanded stronger measures from laws and anti-terrorism actions government. Far-left rallied their supporters to the site and yelled abuses like racist and fascist to the protesters.

Far-left has been opposing forced returns of asylum seekers who had their application rejected. In Jyväskylä, Finland, where police tried to remove three Afganis far-left organized a violent protest against the police. Police was forced to take cover and call for backup. After six hour waiting riot police was finally able to disperse the rally using pepper spray.

Our PM, together with other cabin members, participated in one of these pro-immigration rallies. This might have been a catalyst and some kind of official approval for far-left rallies. Finland holds the right to protest highly in regard but one might ask if it’s really wise of highest ranking government officials to participate.


Majority of Finnish voters sees that immigration, in its current form, should be stopped or strongly reduced. Still almost twenty percent of voters supports Green Party, which is the most pro-immigration party in Finland, in polls. Almost ninety percent supports parties which are more or less pro-immigration.

Just couple days ago there was an article in media that Finnish jails are seeing more and more jihadists supporting ISIS and other Islamist terrorist organizations. Police has stated that there are hundreds of high risk asylum seekers in the country and some six thousand asylum seeker has gone missing from the authorities.

In the light of the things mentioned above, terrorist situation isn’t going to ease in Finland in any time soon. Unless the public opinion actualizes in election we are going to see another attack in near future. And then another. There is no signs that terrorists are going to stop the attacks in Europe.



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